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-More drama is arising with Kourtney and Kim, because Kourtney is looking for a new location for their DASH clothing store and she’s doing it all on her own since Kim is disinterested. Kourtney seems like one of those people who complains about having to do all the work but secretly revels in the opportunity to do so. Those kind of people are stupid. Anyway she’s growing “frustrated” at the lack of her sisters’ help with the store but not before being called a “diva” and “control freak” by her mother. Hey, pot. I’m kettle. Nice to meet ya!

-After taking Scott’s advice, Bruce goes home to tell Kris how he feels. He’s trying to have a mature, adult conversation with his wife but she thinks this is f*cking hilarious and is laughing in his face when he’s trying to work through these issues. Don’t you just hate it when people do that? Then she blames him for not engaging himself more in their lives, because what a 60 year old Olympic gold medalist wants to involve himself in clothing stores and endless photo ops.

-Khloe and Kim prove Kourtney’s point by acting like children at a DASH business meeting regarding their impending design of their new location, but they think that they need to be more involved in the day to day happenings of the company. They then had a “Modern Family” type moment where Kourtney realizes she got into business with her sisters because they love each other and sh*t then everything’s all better. Except for Khloe, because she may have been lied to her entire life because even her own mother isn’t exactly sure who her father is. So there’s still that going on.

-At the family dinner, Khloe speaks the truth to Kris and shows how she’s trying to make it all about her and this DNA test really has nothing to do with Khloe. This pisses Khloe off and she storms out of the room, and then Bruce comes in with the line of the night—HE GETS UP AND APPLAUDS HER, then says “let’s hear it again for Kris Jenner!”. How funny is that? He might as well have stood up, looked in her face and told her she’s being a selfish brat and look what her actions have done to her daughter. I don’t know why I thought this was so great, but I actually laughed out loud at that point.

-Kendall and Kylie are failing classes at school because they’re working too much, Bruce is upset that he didn’t know that they were having problems. You could see Kris Jenner’s heart breaking when they say they need to cut back on work and focus more on school (think Ralph Wiggum from “The Simpsons” when he gave Lisa the CHOO CHOO CHOOSE valentine).

-Back at the Odom household, Kris writes Khloe a letter to articulate exactly how she’s feeling regarding the DNA test. She basically reaffirms what Khloe said by saying that really is about her, and not Khloe finding out who her father actually is. Stay classy!

-Anyway they kiss and make up, but Khloe stands her ground and refuses to take the test. Good for her. Kris says she just wants to get back to being a good mother then immediately hits Khloe in the back of the head with a pool cue. Seems about right.

That’s all for this week, but it looks like we’ve got quite the interesting season coming up. Kim gets hit in the face with flour on the red carpet, Scott probably pisses everybody off, Kanye West becomes part of the picture, and Kris Jenner gets hilarious work done on her lips and she looks like an alien.

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6 thoughts on “KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS – 5/20/12

  1. Since the beginning of the debut of KUP I always liked the younger girls and found them to be silly on the show. I am happy they are getting more airtime. However, I find it a bit strange how Kendell & Kylie go to a private school, are failing classes and taking part in extra-curricular activities, and their parents have no idea. Maybe things have changed since I went to school, but usually you need to maintain a 2.0 GPA. If they are working to much, and if they are missing school, I assume they have a tutor on set, while they are doing their modeling jobs. For the amount of tuition they are paying for those girls I am sure they are well aware of their grades.

    As for Klhoe, a father isnt a father because DNA says he is. Let Klhoe be happy. If her mom had an affair then she had an affair.

  2. After watching the show last night I really noticed how much Khloe and Kourtney look alike. Now that Kourtney is pregnant and her face is fuller she looks just like Khloe. I was convinced after watching the show she is the daughter or Robert Kardashian. I wish the subject would go away because it’s painful for Khloe! I adore her, she has class and character. She’s a good example of a supportive wife and should write a book on how the keep the marital home harmonious.

  3. Thanks for the recap! Looking forward to another season of disfunction!

  4. Are you planning on recapping the rest of the episodes this season? There’s been at least two or three other new episodes since you recapped the premiere.

  5. he goes there for a couple days and hangs out with Scott and they are having a complaining session about how the women in their lives treat them like crap and they don’t sleep in the same bed with them.

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