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I’m baaaaaaaaaack! For those of you who are new around these parts, I’m Bill Hudnutt and I’ll be recapping “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” again this year. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 29 years old and I’m marrying the love of my life in just over three months. We live just west of Cleveland, Ohio, aka the hot bed of all pop culture news and happenings. Oh, wait that’s not true? Guess I just made that up. Whatevs. Let’s get right to it, because this was a RIVETING masterpiece of television, right up there with the best episodes of “The Wire” or “Breaking Bad”. Oh, that isn’t true either? F*ck it. Here we go.

-Hey guys, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but does anyone else think Khloe looks a little, uh, different than Kourtney and Kim? Crazy right?! Well this has led to a ton of speculation that maybe, juuuuuust maybe her mother had an affair and Robert Kardashian wasn’t actually her father. Kris wants to put this issue to bed by making Khloe get a DNA test. Khloe doesn’t want to take it because she doesn’t feel she needs to validate it, but Kris is being pretty f*cking pushy about it.

-So now Kris is trying to go behind Khloe’s back to get her other daughters to submit to this DNA test, and Kourtney has a problem not being completely honest with Khloe. What’s that I hear? Logic? There’s not a lot of that going around the Kardashian/Jenner household, so it’s a nice breath of fresh air when somebody actually thinks before they act/speak.

-But seriously guys, go ahead and Google “Khloe Kardashian father” and see how much she resembles him. Apparently he was a family friend or some sh*t like that and Kris slept with him. He was even in a dumb cheesy music video that Kris produced in the 80s. I’m not definitively saying this guy is her father, but it wouldn’t exactly be a surprise if it turned out to be true.

-Bruce isn’t feeling very appreciated, nobody really notices when he’s not around, and he doesn’t like that sh*t. Kris feels it’s not her responsibility to make sure he’s getting the attention he feels he deserves. Not that a wife would want to make her husband happy or anything.

-What’s Li’l Robbie Kardashian up to nowadays? Trying to build a designer sock line, of course. But before he develops his brand he wants to buy a house. Kim, her overdone spray tan and Kris go look at a house with Rob, and Kris tries to prod him into taking the DNA test. My God, let it go woman! Let your daughter live in peace! Or just push your own agenda! Either one!

-Bruce has had about all he can take of Kris. She’s either treating him like a child or ignoring him, and he’s decided he’s going to go stay at Khloe’s house for a couple days while she’s in Dallas with her husband. So he goes there for a couple days and hangs out with Scott and they are having a complaining session about how the women in their lives treat them like crap and they don’t sleep in the same bed with them. So Brucey Boy decides to run a little experiment, and has Scott call Kris at home and ask for Bruce to see if Kris even notices that he’s gone. I’m not gonna keep you in suspense any longer, but Kris had no f*cking clue he was gone then pages him on their supermarket PA system that they feel they need to have in their house.

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  1. Since the beginning of the debut of KUP I always liked the younger girls and found them to be silly on the show. I am happy they are getting more airtime. However, I find it a bit strange how Kendell & Kylie go to a private school, are failing classes and taking part in extra-curricular activities, and their parents have no idea. Maybe things have changed since I went to school, but usually you need to maintain a 2.0 GPA. If they are working to much, and if they are missing school, I assume they have a tutor on set, while they are doing their modeling jobs. For the amount of tuition they are paying for those girls I am sure they are well aware of their grades.

    As for Klhoe, a father isnt a father because DNA says he is. Let Klhoe be happy. If her mom had an affair then she had an affair.

  2. After watching the show last night I really noticed how much Khloe and Kourtney look alike. Now that Kourtney is pregnant and her face is fuller she looks just like Khloe. I was convinced after watching the show she is the daughter or Robert Kardashian. I wish the subject would go away because it’s painful for Khloe! I adore her, she has class and character. She’s a good example of a supportive wife and should write a book on how the keep the marital home harmonious.

  3. Thanks for the recap! Looking forward to another season of disfunction!

  4. Are you planning on recapping the rest of the episodes this season? There’s been at least two or three other new episodes since you recapped the premiere.

  5. he goes there for a couple days and hangs out with Scott and they are having a complaining session about how the women in their lives treat them like crap and they don’t sleep in the same bed with them.

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