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Yesterday afternoon, our dog Chloe ate an entire tray of chocolate brownies and licked the tray clean. She’s fine, I’m pretty sure she has an iron stomach. What does this have to do with KUWTK? Well nothing, really. But her name is pretty much the same as a Kardashian that wasn’t on this vacation. Yeah that was a bit of a stretch. Anyway, let’s get to it.

-Remember last week’s KONTROVERSY when Kim lost a $75,000 earring? Well turns out it’s fine, because A) her mother tells her it was insured, and B) that sh*t was so big Kyndall found it on the ocean floor. How konvenient. Anyway, the reason Kim ran away because her boyfriend Kris had never seen her kry and she didn’t want him to witness it. The phrase “that’s why you have insurance” was said several times in this scene. I wouldn’t be surprised if you started seeing these girls in Progressive commercials with Pedro Cerrano.

-Scott realizes … Continue reading

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In case you didn’t know, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got married over the weekend. And if you didn’t know, it means you’re probably Amish, because that sh*t was all over the place last week. This week we got to see their first vacation together. I hope he brought an extra $75,000 Krissy boy. Why? Let’s find out.

-We start this week’s episode at Khloe and Lamar’s residence, and Lamar is wondering when, how often, and where Khloe poops. It was a pretty funny interaction, actually. The scene ends with Khloe hitting Lamar with a pillow, and feathers going everywhere. Has anybody ever had a pillow explode during a pillow fight. That sh*t only happens in 80’s movies at sorority houses.

-The Jenner’s have a f*cking sweet ass back yard. Anyway, Bruce surprises Kris and Kyndall with a trip to Bora Bora for their 20th wedding anniversary. Kris is all “f*ck that, I don’t wanna be on a plane that long and … Continue reading

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This week on KUWTK, we learn that Kim can’t dance (or think on her feet, for that matter), Kris still hates Scott, and the young Jenner girls feel as though they don’t get enough professional attention from their mother. Deep stuff, I know. Let’s get to it.

-Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are in San Francisco to announce their new klothing line, the Kardashian Kollection to a room full of Sears’s corporate employees. When asked about her tastes in fashion, Kim KOMPLETELY freezes up. If I’m the guy who arranged this partnership on Sears’ behalf, I’d be pissed the f*ck off. Uh, hello?! You’re the one of the designers of this stupid f*cking line, and you can’t muster up a few words about it? Then again, noboDy under the age of 50 shops at Sears, so at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter.

-Kris stops by Kourtney and Scott’s house, and she is absolutely disgusted with the fact that he … Continue reading

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