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When I saw the previews for this week’s episode last week and I saw Scott was going to Vegas, I was legitimately giddy to see what kind of debauchery Scott would get himself into without Kourtney around. What denomination dollar bill would Scott shove down someone’s throat? How many times would his lame ass crew say “VEGAS BABY!”? Well Scotty, you disappointed me. WHY MUST YOU CHANGE? Anyway, let’s get to it.

-Scott appears on “Fashion Police” (another seamless E! crossover!), and he criticizes one of Kim’s outfits. It was a dress that was pretty much wide open down the middle. He likened it to wearing a suit with no crotch. The comparison really made no fu*king sense whatsoever. A more apt comparison would be wearing a suit with the shirt underneath unbuttoned pretty much down the belt. Which he does. All the time. More on that later.

-Kardashain Kommunications is taking over Kris’ life! You wouldn’t know it by watching the … Continue reading

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This week’s episode of KUWTK revolved around Kris’ “leaky vag” and the two youngest girls not being very appreciative of their life. How this show hasn’t won any kind of Emmy is beyond me. I’m sure their nominations are right around the corner. Let’s get into the details.

-We open up this week with Kylie and Kendall “roping” with their friends, or Double Dutch as it’s called in every other corner of the fu*king planet. It’s amazing that they live in a house that’s big enough to play Double Dutch in the foyer. Could that be one of the themes of the episode? MAYBE.

-Anyway, the writers of this week’s episode brilliantly intertwined the two storylines we’re going to delve in. Aw SH*T, did I say writers? I totally forgot this was REALITY TV! Anything can go with this KRAZY family! But I digress. Kris attempts to play, jumps approximately three inches off the ground, lands, and pisses her pants. Turns out … Continue reading

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So I had to get up super early this morning to catch a flight, and I was all worried my alarm wasn’t going to go off. So I slept like sh*t, but had some really weird dreams. Honest to God, I had a dream that Kris Jenner was depressed, so she went on her computer and just looked at how much money she had. And it was increasing by the second. I fu*king hate her. What’s in store this week? Let’s get to it.

-I am writing this week’s column on the plane, and this is fu*king miserable. The piece of sh*t in front of me keeps jerking his seat back into my computer. How in the fu*k does he not realize what he’s doing? People travel like idiots.

-Anyway, we start off this week’s episode by going on a shopping trip with Khloe and Kim. Khloe points out that Kim has some nasty ass rash all over her legs, and Kim … Continue reading

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